Help 7yrs old Miracle recover from Palsy

Have you ever wonder why there are more Mothers Day in celebrations in a year compared to Father's Day? I guess you've also heard people talking with pride about "my mother prays for me". Nobody will deny the role good mothers play in the development or health of a child or children but when you bring all of these awesome dimensions into motherhood and see a child with Cerebral Palsy who would had benefited from the love and care of a mother but lost her mother some months back to an illness that has her bedridden since 2014, then you won't have wonder too far and know why a 7yrs old child will look this way. Miracle is a 7yrs old girl child who is living with Cerebral Palsy and due to starvation and lack of care, she has been reduced to lying on her back and can't even mover her body Growth is considered a part of live and even though she is alive by breathe but she is dead in terms of growth which can be reversed with Medications, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Orthopedic Wheelchair. Having a sister who is committed to her and has gone to great lengths to see their mother stay alive who eventually was snatched away from them and having to loss their savings and household just to stay afloat is a blessing but staying on the verge of losing their accommodation and being stranded is an experience nobody should go through especially under this condition. Estimated budget Budget Rent = 200,000 Wheelchair= 120,000 Medicals & therapy 350,000 Total=670,000 She deserves a life that is not a burden to her and we can make that possible with our gifts because #shematterstoo You can give a helping hand by simply sharing this post to groups, pages and timelines that can render help to this young girl.
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